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Utkarsh started programming at the age of 13 and was already working in the industry by the time he completed high school. He began working as a chief developer in a startup during his early years itself. Working closely with the core founding team, he got through the essentials of project management, leadership, planning and agile development. With growing interest in NLP and data science, he devised an extraction based automated summarization algorithm and was thereby an essential part in the development of an android-based news aggregation app.

Since then, he has worked as a business consultant, offering services ranging from IT infrastructure mapping to business process management, with clients spread across the globe. He excels in projects requiring extensive brainstorming. Kaushik has also been actively involved in activities related to social welfare. He has even arranged funding for the school education of more than 300 children so far, as a part of his mission. With an interest in writing fiction, he has three unpublished novels stacked up waiting to get approved by some publishing house.

Meanwhile, he works forward to make a balance between his professional and personal lives.


The 90s had just begun and it was a rainy & windy day when a Spaceship arrived carrying a kid along. He was named Utkarsh Kaushik.

Schooling Begins

Joins Inghraham Institute ( ICSE ), Ghaziabad and stays there for a while, doing awesome activities like participating in plays and playing keyboard for junior band.

Joins St. Paul's Academy

Owing to some changes in plan, joins St. Paul's Academy. Continues to participate in theatre in the new school, but this time more as a writer.

Hello World

The kid is indeed amazed by what sorcery this programming thing is.

High School

An amazing experience begins here.

Java Begins

Comes across this school curriculum about mentioning core Java. The first thought was- "Why would some one name their language after some exotic island and put a coffee cup as its logo!" But the language really grows upon you, once you begin!

<? echo "PHP"; ?>

With High School Over, and Summer Break on head, the kid decides to explore the programming realms even more by diving into web development using PHP.

Dragon BallZ Characterpedia!

Builds and hosts a website dedicated to all the characters of Dragon BallZ, explaining the characters, their origins and their highs and lows. A small static school-time wikipedia for the kid's favorite cartoon!

Senior High School Ends, Oops-ItsJava Begins!

With the School over and summer break on head, decides to start a blog. This marks the inception of Oops-ItsJava.blogspot.com. The blog aimed at giving brief intro to the basics of the language to the beginners and newbies!

Engineering Starts..

Passion to become a certified software engineer leads our guy to a journey that would make him an engineer in the future..

First Startup Venture

Co-founds a startup as a chief developer. Being part of the core team, got to work on some of the major projects of the organization. Experienced making products from scratch thereby perfecting the modelling and planning skills as an individual and also as the part of the whole body. Role expanded further to: Monitoring the complete hiring process, so as to come up with the best team, Client interaction to close some of the very initial projects, Keeping up with the standards with the team so as to deliver the timelines without failure. After an extensive 21 months growth, the core team splits up because of certain issues

InStiri Inception

A news aggregator application that focuses on providing Extractive-Based Summarizations to the user.

Founds an NLP Society

With the inception of InStiri, founds a local AI society, aiming at learning and exploring various aspects of NLP.

Elected Director of a Social Club

Gets elected as a Director of a social club, responsible for organizing activities on behalf of Rotary International. Will organize various activities like blood donation camps and various workshops related to public welfare in next one year.


The well spent four years finally get paid. Decides to stick to programming and development to further brushen up the skillset.

Innovator of The Month

Employee recognition for making an independent summarization app. The concept was later absorbed for two successive in-house products

School Education for Kids below Poverty Line

Organizes a fund-raiser to help educate more than 200 kids by compensating the expenses of their admission, one year school fees and stationary in some local schools. Gets help from people connected to some known organizations like Shine group and even some business figures. And after almost 5 months of efforts gets successful in the objective of putting a smile on the face of every child as promised.

Corporate Journey

Journey to become a successful Project and Team Lead Having the Responsibilities like:

  • Ownership of in-house projects to upscale company’s product front.
  • Brainstorming and idea generation for new products and new features.
  • Interaction with the clients to come up with statement of work.
  • Preparation of complete product/project lifecycle and data modeling.
  • Research for the best technologies to be used to meet the project’s need.
  • Mentoring a team of interns to achieve higher productivity of team.
  • Managing the team and the whole project so as to meet the quoted timelines.
  • Development of projects from initialization till final deliverable.

Corporate Training and Consultation

Multiple Clients - India and Abroad Working exhaustively with the clientele that includes Giants like BEL, RBS, ONGC, Bombardier and more. At the same time working on pointers below to make an impact on the International Market:

  • Expand the brand reach and maximize the clientele.
  • Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
  • Work with System Administrators, Developers and Data Analysts to ensure the changes are developed, deployed and implemented correctly.
  • Advising new business on formation and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions.
  • Preparation of complete product/project lifecycle and data modeling.
  • Understanding the business and taking care of growth in new domains

Skills and Expertise

Training and Consultation

Life Coach

Grief Coaching

Grief Coaching

Organization Resilience

Money Coaching

Spirituality and Inspiration

BPO/KPO Trainings

Soft Skills


Business Communication

Train the Trainer

Presentation Skills

Business and Psychology

Management Trainings

Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban

BPM and BPMN 2.0



Digital Marketing

Strategic Growth

Requirements Engineering

Team Building Programs

Technical Domains



Core Java

C, C++ MySQL MongoDB

Neo4J(Graph Database)




Ubuntu Administration L1



Alchemy API


Technical Skills

Programming and Databases




Core Java

C, C++



Neo4J(Graph Database)




Flask(for Python)

Google App Engine



Symfony(PHP), TWIG


Management and other Tools


BPM and BPMN 2.0



Project Management

Agile and Scrum

Corporate Training










Alchemy API

Skillset Coverage

Big Data

Project Life Cycle


Scrum & Agile


Corporate Training

Life Coach


Ramamurthy Iyer

Director at Datamation India

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Utkarsh on one of our products for development and strategy engagement. His analytical skills and ability to grasp new ideas were always far above from most of the people of his age. He is fiercely intelligent and diligent about accomplishing his goals; two things that I know are required for success. He was always able to get to the heart of the business needs and provide actionable recommendations.

Furthermore he has an ability to enjoy the trust and respect from fellow associates and even clients at times, which makes him the kind of person you would choose to consult on a multitude of subjects. He was a gem to our team and we would love to have him back onboard any day of the week. I wish him brightest of the future.

Azeem Khan

Founder & CEO at Editsoft

Utkarsh is one of the most gifted and brilliant programmers I know. He has a natural problem solving instinct which improves the results exponentially. One of his best trait is that he takes responsibility of the project and aims to deliver the best, which is why I reach out to him for bigger and tougher projects.

He deeply cares about his relations, be it professional or personal, and I really appreciate this about him. We have been friends and colleagues for last 5 years now and he has always come through for me. I wish him my best for future challenges and opportunities.

Anshuman Mishra

Chief Technology Office at Jubna

Utkarsh always brought his keen and diverse development skills to the table and was an excellent team player and ‘doer’ in any situation. The way he is always inclined towards taking the ownership of his projects reveals that he is not just a good engineer but also a great human being.

Naveen Mathew Nathan

University of Illinois, Chicago

Among red oceans of developers who compete against each other Utkarsh differentiated himself with his vision, not just skill.

He was never satisfied with his skill set or knowledge base and kept updating himself. He proved himself in testing situations. He single handedly produced an end-to-end product and managed several other projects simultaneously, each of which had deadlines. This is just an example of his commitment to work.

Surbhi Arora

University of Illinois, Chicago

It was always fun working with Utkarsh. His sense of problem solving and experimentation helped the team solve some of the critical problems at time. In spite of his short stay at Innovaccer, his active participation in multiple projects along with his diverse fields of interest made him a valuable asset. I wish him good luck for his future endeavors and undertakings.

Contact Him

Wanna get in touch? Utkarsh is usually seen around coffee-shops in Delhi-NCR, India.. Though he spends his nights mostly at his hideout.