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Posts around various business and technology topics. From how you can start your own startup to managing your employees better and even how you can refine various business processes.

Getting One Step Closure to Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries that generate terabytes of data each day. Hospitals and healthcare services providers are investing thousands of dollars every year to manage patient information and other data. “Market has existing solutions revolving around maintenance of electronic medical records of patients. However, maintaining records along with …

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Blockchain Use Cases

Building a Blockchain use case is not much of a trouble. You missed out mentioning which particular use case you would like to build so I will list the most common items for you.

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Blockchain – The Next BIG THING

First IBM, and now Infosys has already decided to go all in on Blockchain. Both the leaders have already started setting up dedicated units for the same. But where did this all hype start from in the first place?

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Defence Architectures to Use – DoDAF or MoDAF

There has been considerable discussion among some of my peers  (who are mostly into or working with defense ministries). Most arguments are about the adoption of most appropriate framework for their organization. I decided to give a brief introductory contrast between the two most well-thought frameworks out of all the …

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