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How A Productivity Tool Can Bring Efficiency and Productivity for Your Remote Team

Individual Commitment to group efforts- That is what makes a team work.

Over the past years the concept of remote jobs and freelancing has revolutionized the concept of distributed teams. People are happy that they don’t have to commute to distant offices or have the trouble of bumping into the TLs and managers face to face each time they go on breaks.

But they tend to get a wrong picture over here. Two things we are most likely to miss out when we work remotely are:

  1. Team Collaboration: It is not one man show and you need to interact and produce together.
  2. Focus: Yes, no matter how much you vouch about your home, there are always plenty of distractions to leave attention residue enough to leave you unproductive for more than tw hours in a day.

This is not bad for the team members but also for the managers and product owners. And this is the problem that an ideal productivity tracking tool should understand and tackle if it plans on to capture the market.

Here are two major modules that you need in your tracking tool if you plan on to mark an impact on the market.

Team Canvas:

Having trouble in operating with distributed teams?

Canvas gives your team a common platform to interact. Here are some of the features that it would cover:

See each other’s achievements:

  1. Make it your team’s personal pin board. Post your achievements, group messages for the team or simply the tasks for the teammates or your own self. If it is on canvas, it should be visible to everyone.
  2. Organize Scrums and Group Discussions and also have con-calls with your team.
  3. Video, Voice and Text Chat for one-to-one and even group calls and chats should be supported
  4. And share files: Not only share but also keep a record of it.

The manager may have the master access allowing him to keep connected with everyone.

Deep Work Score

Keep track of your team’s distractions with the help of deep work score.
Refer: Deep Work Score: An Essential Feature for Your Time Tracking Tool! 

The teams will be able to achieve a completely different level of productivity with these two modules themselves.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Henry Ford

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