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Globalizing the practice of Bullying

We all know who a bully is! “Is bullying intentional?” “Or is it just an instinctive act?” “Or Is it a person with physical and emotional behaviors that are intentional, controlling and hurtful?” There are many thing, many factors that may contribute to a bully’s nature. However, one specific thing …

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Getting over the stagnant articles

Writer’s block can be tough.. In fact any kind of mental block can be excruciating on your mental health. I remember, how in my initial years, I experienced an eight-months long programmer’s block. Trust me, that is a thing too. But that is a story for a different day! As …

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Defence Architectures to Use – DoDAF or MoDAF

There has been considerable discussion among some of my peers¬† (who are mostly into or working with defense ministries). Most arguments are about the adoption of most appropriate framework for their organization. I decided to give a brief introductory contrast between the two most well-thought frameworks out of all the …

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An Analytical View on Recruitment Dashboards

Good Recruitment leads a Better Team

“Recruitment is the most essential operation of any business and it pays if done properly” When organizations hire the right people, train them well and treat them right; these people not only produce great results but also tend to stay with the organizations longer.

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