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Write for UtkarshSpeaks.

Utkarsh started writing back in 2010. “UtkarshSpeaks” began as a side hobby in early 2016, with posts that were mostly related about Utkarsh’s answers on Quora.

Since then, we all have come a long way. Today, UtkarshSpeaks has blogs around categories ranging but not limited to Business, Technology, Finance and Psychology.

UtkarshSpeaks. now strives not just to cater a hobby but to reach the audience and help people create an environment where they can talk about topics and questions that they feel people might ignore.

We look for writers and authors who are

  • interested to create new content at lightning speed or at least 4 times a week
  • ready to address the elephant in every room they are in
  • willing to not just question but are also ready to answer when every one else seems quite
  • in love with creating articles and blog post and treat them like their own child

What you get in return?

  • Get mentored on writing skills
  • Experience designing SEO specific content
  • Complete Ownership of articles you write – Your article remains yours even if you leave UtkarshSpeaks in future.
  • A support of technical team who is there to answer if you face glitches
  • Annual free pass to at least one annual conference held by our partner organizers.
  • Free pizza once a month
  • Flexibility and ability to write from anywhere.

We do not monetarily compensate in cash, but we are willing to make exceptions for exceptionally good people.

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