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Blockchain Use Cases

Building a Blockchain use case is not much of a trouble. You missed out mentioning which particular use case you would like to build so I will list the most common items for you.

1. Private Ethereum Network

Setting up a private ethereum network can really be fun if you are little familiar with NodeJS and linux administration. Even if you don’t know those two, You can still follow the instructions and set things up.

I would suggest you to try out web3, the framework is easy to begin and documentation is thorough too.

2. Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts are the Blockchain way of rules engine. Though there is more to it.

You should checkout Solidity or Truffle to begin with smart contracts in your network.

3. dApps:

Decentralized apps are the major reason to start things with. Again a reference to Solidity and Truffle to give you a kickstart.

4. Hyperledger:

So hyperledger fabric allows you to setup your own blockchain network and start writing your dApps. They provide docker images and even chaincode support to give you a kick-start.

5. Blockchain as a service:

This is what IBM is doing with their Bluemix. They have set up templates of blockchain networks around hyperledger-fabric 0.4, and 1.0. Now all you need to do is set up a dev account and they provide you clone of the same.

These are just few examples how Blockchain can help you. There is yet more like decentralized transaction, permissioned networks and lot more.

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