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300 – Random Write Up from Good Old Days!

The storm was coming, but no one cared about it. The path was left unwalked for years by then, but they did not even think before stepping on it.

And then started the quake…

The earth shook with thundering sound. But it was not a normal earthquake. It was the Persian soldiers marching towards their target.

Seven hundred thousand men, five hundred thousand beasts and thousands of war horses and war elephants.

The army that made the earth tremor, the beasts so vicious that they tore their prey into tiniest of pieces before devouring them, and the men – loyal to the God-King Xerxes, capable of defeating the biggest and strongest of nations to see them on their knees.

This enormous army that had conquered the whole world marched towards Sparta.

What they did not know was about the men that were standing in their way. The 300 Spartan soldiers, led by their King Leonidas, stood waiting for the monstrous army. Spartans, who had never given up in their lives, who were taught to fight and stay on their feet in the wildest and eeriest situations since childhood, who were ready to bleed the last drop of their blood in the name of their land, didn’t think twice before standing in the way of King Xerxes, the self-claimed God who had long forgotten the limits of a normal human being and proven to be as ruthless as the Devil himself.

They stood their ready to die but even before that they stood their ready to kill..

Headed by King Leonidas, facing the worst of the worsts, still on their feet stood the 300…

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