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Eating in Kathmandu

This is in continuation to my previous post and talks about my visit to Nepal.

Discretion: These posts are not from a traveler’s perspective and only cover the places I personally visited..

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“If you have ever visited Nepal and you did not try a Newari Chulo then were you even in Nepal?” – Some Nepalese said something similar to me!!

There is a huge influence of culture on the food there. In fact, most Nepalese are quite fond of eating good food themselves. You can always find a local Newari or Thakali Chulo around anywhere, in case you plan on to try the Nepalese food items (which you should).

Anyways, its like same as India in here. So, the dishes, though the names are same as in India, are cooked quite differently as compared to India. For instance, they do not have breads in their standard thaali and the masala is milder. If you are a fan of the spices, then you can ask to the chef to make it spicy. And then you will get actual hot spicy food and not just garam masala poured on your pallet.

The one thing, the one major difference you will see and love will be the softness of Naan and Tandoori Roti there.

However, if you are an Indian staying there for more than 3 days, then like me you are going to crave for good Indian food.

Indian Eat Outs

Here are few good Indian outlets you can look for:

Gulaab Sweets and Restaurant

I found two outlets, one at Kamal Pokhari and the other one inside the City Center Shopping Mall. Both the outlets served the authentic taste of North India, as served in India by the Brand with its foundations in Rohtak and New Delhi.

If you are looking to gave good Rasagullas, Gol Gappas or even Rajma and Rice in Nepal, then you should try these out.


There are at least 3 or more outlets of this one in Kathmandu itself. I could only try the one at Tripureshwor. This is a chain of restaurants that serve the same menu as Bikanerwala in India with the same taste and authenticity. You want South Indian thali or want to start your day with some North Indian Chhole Bhatura, this is the place that won’t let you down.. EVER!!

Kathmandu Eco Hotel – Thamel

Now this place is a hotel cum restaurant (pretty much like all hotels). I visited this place the 3rd day of my visit for dinner. I was exhausted after walking around different eateries across Thamel, unable to find good homely taste of North India. It is then when I visited this place and it sent my taste-buds back to India.

Also, if you want authentic North Indian style Butter Chicken or Mutton dishes – THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! (I am a veggie, but I had company)


This was all about Indian Foods.

However there are other things to try out too..

Non Indian Food – Chinese and Newari

Loulan – Thamel

You are a fan of Hotpot like me.. Try Loulan’s.. Amazing Chinese cuisine with almost, if not exactly the same, Chinese taste and vibe!!

Delicious Momo & Fast Food – Kanti Path

Now majority of Indians (specifically around Delhi-NCR), are not fans of the Chinese food. Instead they are the fans of Chinese food cooked in India. You get what I mean right? That Chinese Food Truck that is right opposite to our office building, where we love filling our guts?

So this is one of those place. They have two big bowls filled with red hot schezwan sauce and sweet and spicy tomato soup right in front of you to complement your items. And guess what.. Its not just Chinese cuisine, they do serve the Nepalese Fast Food items too. But yeah, you can easily find people visiting that place who can vouch for the momos there!!

The Third Eye – Thamel

Now this restaurant is more of a premium Indian dine out place available in Thamel.

The good thing?

They have got this amazing ambiance: you can eat out, inside or even on the cosy mattresses inside.

What makes this special is the courteous staff and the candle light. Yeah if you are out with someone special this place can add magic to it!

The Bakery Cafe, Lalitpur 

This is an open restaurant located near UNIC in Lalitpur.

What makes it so special?

Well for one, the almost the complete staff has hearing and speaking impairment.

Yeah, so they have this beautiful initiative where they only recruit physically disabled people. And not just those people are caring and helpful but also super-lively while interacting with you(mostly with sign language). The milk tea was awesome here. Food taste was also good enough, if not the best. I was having an amazing companion the whole time and I must say it was a peaceful quality time.

Beijing Garden, near City Center

Remember, how I said that most Indian are the fans of Chinese food cooked in India. This is another place. So must try items that I also tried myself are – Chilly Paneer, Manchurian, Fried Rice and Momos with mustard sauce. Just YUMMMM!!!

European Cuisine

Now if you are more into European cuisine there are more than plenty of places for you across the city. The two I liked most were:

New Orleans Cafe, The Walking Street – Thamel

So in the no vehicle zone in Thamel, there is this awesome hub of shops and restaurants called The Walking Street.

New Orleans Cafe lies right near one of the entrances of The Walking Street. And God its good.. I couldn’t find anything that I did not like in fact about this place.

Roadhouse Cafe, Thamel

This is a pizzeria and quite famous around the tourists for its good pizza, coffee and also the collectibles they have to offer.

Thats all, there are some more places like The Himalayan Cafe Restaurant near Durbar Square and many others that I liked. However these are the placed I loved!!

Hope this helps you people. My next post would be about the Places to Visit in Nepal(around KTM to be more specific)..

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