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Life, People and Nightlife – Nepal

This is in continuation to my previous post and talks about my visit to Nepal.

Discretion: These posts are not from a traveler’s perspective and only cover the places I personally visited..

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Thamel is the place with most hotels in Kathmandu. That makes it a common place to find people of all ethnicities.

Owing to this you get numerous

  • pubs serving shisha with live music
  • dance bars
  • discotheques
  • and yeah massage parlours

Due to my short visit, I could only visit Reggae – situated in Thamel.

Its a sweet and locally famous restrobar with live music. A good time to reach there would be after 9:30 PM as that’s when the band starts really performing and the crowd actually starts to cheer them.


The locals are pretty sweet to you in complete city. They often complain about the corruption (just like we Indians do) but still look satisfied and happy.

I remember meeting a cab driver who actually worked as a personal chauffeur for someone in New Delhi.

One thing I picked was, and this one may come as a help to other Indians visiting Nepal.. Never call “Bhaiya” to anyone older to you. They are bit peculiar about it. The person may show no expression of anger, but inside they might have already started judging you. The right word is: “Dayi“, which translates to big brother. You can say “Bhai” only to men younger than or almost the same age to you.

I was fortunate to spend my last two days in a really awesome companionship, and wouldn’t I have spent those last two days I might have missed out a lot!!

Anyways, one more thing I loved other than the Nepalese people was the Nepalese music. It kind of hooks on to you. I have listened around 12 good Nepalese songs after my visit. Initially, it was bit difficult to understand but gradually a little Google here and there and you start to understand that music really has no language.

I myself just tried recording a song in my voice too just for the sake of fun..

This one is a song by Sajjan Raj Vaidya (kind of an Arijit Singh Version of Nepal). His songs are usually soulful and with really deep meaning. This one is called Hataridayi Batasindayi and is about loneliness and love..

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