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10 Days in Nepal

Life is a journey and we are just travelers..

I have not been much of a traveler myself though. Usually my work requires me to reach new places and cities. However, the nature of my work, as it is, does not allow me enough time to travel and browse those places sufficiently.

Hence, when I am asked what I blog about, I usually say everything apart from travelling. So these are my first few posts about travel.

I recently visited Nepal last month. Again it was a business visit and limited time (like 10 days or so, which trust me, are quite less to enjoy a country like Nepal). I will still try to be as resourceful as I can and post would be more around Kathmandu and not the complete country.

Discretion: These posts are not from a traveler’s perspective and only cover the places I personally visited.

These posts talk mostly about.

  1. How to reach and prepare
  2. Where to stay
  3. How to travel within city
  4. Places to eat out
  5. Recreation places
  6. Places to shop
  7. Temples nearby
  8. Nightlife
  9. Local People there
  10. Nepalese Song in my voice

Here are the links to all the posts:


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