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“It all started with a bat in China…”

How it all started

The Covid-19 has been caused by a virus from Corona family. The same family of viruses that has terrorized different parts of world with SARS and MERS in the past. SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that caused Corona Virus Disease 2019 – COVID19), like its previous siblings is a virus of animal origin(Bats in this case).

The Patient Zero has not yet been identified for the endemic that has shaken the political and emotional souls of the five continents. However, the doctors and researchers have been able to deduce that this was initially an infection among the bats, that was subsequently transmitted to snakes. The initial cases can all be linked back to the wet markets where both bats and snakes were available for purchase as food items.

But that is done now, it is an old news indeed.

130 days of Infection

From November 17, 2019 – it has been 4 months and 9 days. As of today’s morning we have:

422,945 confirmed cases with 18,907 deaths across 177 nations across the globe.

To put in statistical figures,

  • An infection rate of 3, 253 people per day since the first case
  • A death rate of 145 people per day since the first case
  • An infection spread speed of 1.3 country per day

So far 109,102 people(only 25.79% of the total confirmed cases) have been officially recovered at the medical isolation facilities.

However, doctors have quoted:

“There is no claim that a person once infected cannot catch the infection again”.

Hence, the cured can again catch it if exposed.

In India, we have faced 562 confirmed cases as of last night. In reference to the same, our whole country is now under lockdown, a 21 days nation-wide curfew (with an exception of the emergency services) starting from today 00:00 hrs IST.

Listen and Stay Safe!

Whoever is reading this, stay inside.

Follow the safety precautions:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap
  • Avoid Social Gatherings and non-essential travel
  • Wearing a mask is effective if you are in a closed environment with one or more infected patients. If you have a patient in the room, the virus can spread through air in a closed non-ventilated humid space. Hence avoid being in that situation.
  • Use rubbing alcohol with 70% or more isopropyl to disinfect your hands and items
  • Use throw-away gloves when ever you are approaching a doubtful environment
  • Avoid touching your face and body unless you are damn sure that you are disinfected.
  • Wear a mask if you have a cough or runny nose. Self-isolate if you’re feeling sick

In case you are alone, and feel depressed or overly low, contact your friends and family. We can only hope for the things to smoothen up soon!

Meanwhile I will keep posting how my days are going this side.

Stay Safe!!

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