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What happens in Rebusky – Part 2

Sometime after Hitler’s Suicide, the small town of Rebusky experienced a chain of events. These events did not effect any outsider’s life, but they did interlink with each other in a way. Connecting the dot we see another interesting story, the story about the narrator himself…. Read the previous story here.

Buddy and Vodka

The market was rising up and it was an amazing time for my business. Living in that amazing city could have been so easy, only if I had not messed up everything the way I did.

I grew up in a small town around a hundred miles from here. My schooling, my graduation everything was in the same vicinity. When I told my dad about the job offer, there was a frown in his face. He had always pictured me as the guy who would end up working at a local shop.

Do you even have the brains to survive a job like that?” – these were the very first words he spouted out.

My old man!! always amazed me. He was a war veteran and I guess that was the reason for all the bitterness he had. In our small home only my mom was the light to our darkness. A small southern woman that she was, I remember how she always wore her pink scarf and white blazer around. She once told me that she and dad used to work on a small farm before the war started and that’s how they met. I was always glad that they met, I can never imagine how my dad weird chin would have looked on my face otherwise.

When she died, I expected dad to show something that I thought he lacked – an emotion of sadness, grief, sorrow or some tears at least. But he stood there, stone cold as always. It was in that moment, when I decided that I am gonna leave that town. In that decision, I also decided to leave Mary along as well. Not thinking about what she would think or what she would do. I was afraid that she might become the reason for me to pause. I was afraid how she might react. That was the reason I did not even confront her. I just locked myself in and started my hunt. And as soon as I got that opportunity, I left at a lightning speed. I started working as a consultant at one of the biggest corporations in the city. No I won’t bore you with the details about what I do or where I do what I do, this not just that kind of story.. is it!!

So 4 years in the job, I worked my way up from associate level and land a client – a local business run by the Raymonds. Buddy, their chairperson happened to be the guy who became kind of a pivotal to my story in Rebusky.

Hi, I am Buddy Raymond, the business owner and chairperson at the Raymonds. Johnny praised a lot about you.”, he said, while sipping from a large mug of coffee. This 6 feet beast like man sat in front of me, wearing a bright gray suit fashioned in a very ancient style, that kind of made him look like an old mafioso. It was easy to close the deal as he was one of those guys who looks for big industry jargons but in back of their heads do not know anything.

Gradually Buddy and I became friends, or at least he used to think so. To me he remained a client, just another regular client. But to him I was like a long lost schoolmate. I did not clarify this situation as who cares. And then one day we were having a casual conversation about some really useful things.

Yeah one large bourbon for me and a chilling vodka for my mate here, you’ll have vodka again right?” He asked me while ordering the bartender.

Yes, vodka works for me all the time.” I replied, while adjusting my bar stool.

I don’t get you! What exactly is with you and vodka? Your mother was from Russia or somewhere?”

– “What? What is there to understand?”

Simple, I have never seen you order bourbon or even a beer. You sometimes do not even think about the fact that it may not be available at many places. It is like you are going to marry vodka.”

– “Hahaha, Okay, so let me explain to you. That time when I first visited you guys and explained the things, you closed the deal immediately. Remember? You did not even have any queries, nor did your team. Why?”

Yeah, because you were precise and to the point. I guess you explain things pretty well.”

– “Exactly!”, I said, I was waiting for a moment to enlighten this guy more around the knowledge of my drink.. “I am a precise man who likes things to be to the point. My uncle lived in Russia for a better part of his life and he introduced me to Vodka when I was 12, he told me ‘Kid, vodka makes you free. Correctly brewed, it doesn’t smell or taste anything. Right from the fridge, at minus 10 centigrades, it doesn’t even taste alcohol. Heaven enters your body as effortlessly as the air you are breathing.’ My dad was a Man of Rum. He never tasted anything else and God I hated the taste and the smell. So when I got a chance I tried everything Rum, Whisky, Vodka and even Beer. Vodka was the only one that actually made me drunk without the consequences of a hangover. Its like spirit that people drink in country, just a branded better quality spirit. Yes I can marry Vodka”

Your drinks fellas!” – served the bartender, while Buddy laughed out loud.

You are the funniest man I have met in years. By the way this reminds me I wanted to invite you to a family gathering!” – Buddy spoke while picking his drink.

to be contd..

Author: Utkarsh Kaushik
Cover Image Credits: Google

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