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Enlightened Beings And Enlightenment

Pondering about where can one find Enlightened Beings? and Who can be an enlightened being after all?..

If you ask me if I ever met some enlightened being, my answer would be “not one but many”!

However I need to share something before I answer your question.

The problem with most people is that they try to search the enlightened beings in weird places and even restrict their imaginations.

A basic question to ask

“Why would you want to search for an enlightened being in the first place itself. Answer to this question defines your motivation and eventually your path.”

And the most strange fact is that these days anyone who starts normal meditation sessions start thinking that these are his/her first steps towards enlightenment. And here is what’s wrong with the approach!

Theory of Enlightenment

The definition of enlightenment is very basic and simple and revolves around 3 objectives.

One needs to know and accept:

  1. One’s existence,
  2. The reason for one’s existence
  3. One’s place in the universe.

Once you know and accept the answer to these three and are able to align your personal life and life objectives in sync with the same without any arrogance or overwhelm then you are on the right path and very close to enlightenment.

But I meditate!!

And meditation is not the complete solution for this. There are multiple ways to achieve the answers to the above question:

  1. Become a scientist and start doing what plenty of scientists do already, i.e- search for the causes of big bang, search for extra terrestrial in search for your own life’s meaning. But gradually this would imbibe ambition in your heart. Ambition will gradually ignite greed in your heart. And with greed you cannot be called enlightened.
  2. Become a meditator, try to focus on your chakras and search for answers in your own head. But wait, if this is the right approach then why doesn’t anyone who meditates become enlightened?
  3. Become detached from worldly pleasures and start following a guru to practice renunciation. But wait, which Guru? and how can you find answer to your place in the world by detaching yourself from it.

You see the confusion above.


The only solution is Acceptance.

You need to accept your existence. You need to accept the fact that your probability of being alive is in itself 1 in 10^2,685,000. You need to accept this fact that expectancy of your existence is almost non existent but yet not feel happy about it because for every successful attempt on life there are 10^2,685,000–1 failures.

Now that you are aware of your existence, you need to accept that you does not matter to the Universe the way Universe matters to you. In fact you are the result of Big Bang and are still the part of the same energy that was generated during the Big Bang. You are part of such infinite energy and yet you are just a tiny forgettable being.

And lastly, the reason for your existence.

The real enlightened beings

Well now I will show you the enlighten beings I have met:

Yes its a tree.

Just look at this magnificent being:

You do understand me now do you?

So, what’s so special about trees? Well they know all 3 of the points above and have accepted their place in the universe too.

“Buddha came to his self-realization sitting under a tree, Socrates was standing against a tree at the time of his enlightenment, and Mahavira too was close to a tree. What could be the reason? It cannot all be dismissed as coincidence.” – Osho

Trees are the beings who are enlightened since their birth. I will let you think about this one..

Will let you figure the rest things out.

Hope this helps.

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